FRP Open Counter Flow Cooling round Tower

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FRP counter & cross flow water cooling tower is designed to economic and save water, it is a huge advance in industry. We take Fiber reinforced plastic as the materials of cooling tower. The standard water cooling tower can afford the highest temperature is 60°C. If the temperature is higher than 60°C,we suggest you choose the High temperature cooling tower which can afford 100°C.

Product features:
1 Excellent performance
2 High Quality
3 Environmental protection and energy conservation
4 Good shape with small outside size, light weight
5 Low Noise: The lowest noise blower and unique noise elimination technology is adopted to reduce the noise to a minimum level.
6 Type: Standard, low noise and High temperature, industrial type to meet customer's needs.
Simple operation and maintenance: CTNC intelligent control system is adopted to realize labor free management
7      Cooling capacity ranges from 3 to 780 M3/h, relevant refrigeration ton is from 5 to1000.
Structures and working principle:
Optimum structure: All structures can be treated with rust-removing, hot dipped galvanized Steel. All can bear corrosion, have high strength, be easily assembled and have elegant surface.
    1 Body: The cooling tower body is made of stabilization material---FRP, which is anti-aging, anti-corrosion, resisting ultraviolet radiation, without fading and distortion. It has long service life.
    2 Fan: Use special fan with variable section, twist and pitching blade. The fan Works at an equal speed, a low self moving pressure, an energy-saving use and a low noise. Fixing angle of blade is changeable to meet the work demands and improve the efficiency. The angles of all fans are regulative and axial-flow, which made of advanced engineering plastics.
    3 Motor: All the motors (380V/3φ /50Hz mostly) of the cooling tower are sealed, which can be used in the severe weather and circumstances.
    4 Fill: The fill is made of polyvinyl chloride which is hard and heat-resisting, be able to be extended the time and space of heat exchange. The temperature in the water is up to 54. And the special structure enables the water to touch the fill in the biggest area with low air resistance. The energy exchanging efficiency is very high.
    5 Rotating pipe model which is made of FRP.
6 Brackets: All steel structure brackets are galvanized and corrosion resistant. The usage life is twice longer compared with similar products.
    7 The casing and water plate of the cooling tower are made of fiberglass, which will not be corroded, and no painting is needed. They can be used for a long time with very low maintenance cost.



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